Busy Season

I haven't had a chance to post much lately. It's been a mite busy around here. There was Affordable Housing Week in May as well as some staff transitions and budget issues at work, plus Quarterly Meeting and our monthly meeting's retreat also in May, and then the end of the school year came this month with presentation night and portfolio day and school plays, on Tuesday the big end-of-school meeting for worship and celebration in Golden Gate Park, sleepaway Quaker camp at Ben Lomond Quaker Center for 11 Year Old this week, and no camp for Seven Year Old this week. Whew!)

Anyway, I read a great book several weeks ago, and today I had a chance to capture the good bits, which I'll post separately.

Here's a photo immediately after the end of the all-school meeting for worship, 6/16/2009:
SF Friends School end of year meeting for worship, 6/16/09
Here's a photo of the boys before they left for the last day of school:
Last day of school for the M. boysAnd for comparison, this is what they looked like on the first day of school in September 2008:
M. boys on BART, first day of school, 9/2008


Paul L said...

Chris -- On the way home from Gathering Marybeth and I were reminiscing about all the wonderful books we used to read with our kids, and we tried for an hour to remember the title of one we both loved -- one about a boy who goes off and builds wonderful, whimsical houses with all of his friends -- and just couldn't remember.

So here is a photo with your younger son holding it in his hand: Andrew Henry's Home. Thanks for solving that one for us, Friend. (PS I missed you at the Gathering; you would have loved the Sacred Harp singing this year.

Chris M. said...

Paul: Sigh, I was thinking about the Sacred Harp singing a lot last week. I'm glad it was good.

Yes, Andrew Henry's Meadow is wonderful! Don't tell my sister, but it's her copy from when we were kids... :)