Blog posts that never were...

I have a list of possible blog posts that I was hoping to write but didn't when they were fresh.

There's a low chance I'll get to many or any of these by now, given that we're gearing up to move to Philadelphia (see Robin's post about it), so I thought that would be an interesting post in itself.
  • Reflections on reading Pink Dandelion's Introduction to Quakerism
  • Reflections on reading Thomas Merton's New Seeds of Contemplation
  • Reflections on reading George Lakoff's Whose Freedom? The battle over America's most important idea
  • SF "Fiends" School t-shirt (limited edition sold to benefit 8th grade class trip--there, that's all I really had to say about that)
  • Berkeley Meeting had an introduction to Quakerism workshop back in early May
  • Naomi Klein's appearance on "Democracy Now" back on March 9 -- taking on climate change is and has to be political; one can't rely "merely" on scientific and environmental evidence to make the case by itself.
  • Isn't Chris Hedges' challenge to liberalism more relevant to most liberal unprogrammed Quakers than Rob Bell's challenge to fundamentalism?
  • Description the lesson I taught at College Park Quarterly Meeting in mid-May (I still hope to post the outline, at least)
I had also hoped to say more about Quaker Heritage Day, way back in February... Oh, well! Again, here's one of Robin's posts about that.

[Updated: Added the bit about Quarterly Meeting.]