Blog posts that never were...

I have a list of possible blog posts that I was hoping to write but didn't when they were fresh.

There's a low chance I'll get to many or any of these by now, given that we're gearing up to move to Philadelphia (see Robin's post about it), so I thought that would be an interesting post in itself.
  • Reflections on reading Pink Dandelion's Introduction to Quakerism
  • Reflections on reading Thomas Merton's New Seeds of Contemplation
  • Reflections on reading George Lakoff's Whose Freedom? The battle over America's most important idea
  • SF "Fiends" School t-shirt (limited edition sold to benefit 8th grade class trip--there, that's all I really had to say about that)
  • Berkeley Meeting had an introduction to Quakerism workshop back in early May
  • Naomi Klein's appearance on "Democracy Now" back on March 9 -- taking on climate change is and has to be political; one can't rely "merely" on scientific and environmental evidence to make the case by itself.
  • Isn't Chris Hedges' challenge to liberalism more relevant to most liberal unprogrammed Quakers than Rob Bell's challenge to fundamentalism?
  • Description the lesson I taught at College Park Quarterly Meeting in mid-May (I still hope to post the outline, at least)
I had also hoped to say more about Quaker Heritage Day, way back in February... Oh, well! Again, here's one of Robin's posts about that.

[Updated: Added the bit about Quarterly Meeting.]


Jay T. said...

I went to a Quaker school for a year. The rugby team took on the nickname of 'Fiends.'

cubbie said...

funny those things that slip in and out of our "this is so important" interior writing files... i'm trying to keep one of those "notebooks of things to write about someday" except i'm apparently not writing my ideas down explicitly enough, because i'm not sure what i meant by half of them already.