A spring day in Philadelphia, April 2021

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Sparrow incoming! #Philly #urbanbirding #sparrow

A small house sparrow with wings tucked fully in is shown in midair en route to a feeder hanging from a pole. Another small bird is on the other side of the feeder.
Daffodils in our backyard, not far from the feeder. (It's a small yard, so it couldn't be far in any case!) #Philly #spring #urbangarden
A row of daffodils, many in bloom, recedes into the background, where there are houses. There are strips of grass and dirt on either side of the daffodils.
A single precious bloom at Friends Center today. I liked a photo of a previous year's version of this flower so while I got a jigsaw puzzle made of it. #Philly #CenterCity #spring #urbangarden
A purplish-blue cluster of blossoms, shading to white, is in the foreground amid greenery. In the medium ground is brownery, partly a heuchera plant. In the background are brick walls, metal railings, and the windows and shutters of Race Street Quaker Meetinghouse.
Thanks to @robinmsf (currently on sabbatical and off Twitter, but occasionally still blogging), our family made Easter cookies--like Christmas sugar cookies but in shapes like baskets & rabbits. Here are 2 of my sillier ones, set on the last remaining plate from the everday dishes of my childhood home.
Two cookies sit on a white plate with a blue and green floral border. The left cookie is a deranged rabbit head with yellow fur. The right cookie is a pink Easter basket with white eggs outlined in blue.
Note: I enjoyed writing the image descriptions. If I get ambitious, maybe I'll post them to the main text of the blog.