Stuff and more stuff

I'd like to write more but stuff keeps getting in the way. Literally.

Robin M. has written about the plague of mold upon our house. We're getting close to done with cleaning it up. Tonight I brought a bunch of stuff down to the station wagon to take to Goodwill, and brought a bunch of flattened boxes to the trash room (which still doesn't have recycling bins, but the staff says they'll take the separated-out recycling... to where they take it, I'm not entirely sure...)

Robin has done yeoman's work to pull things out of closets, purge some stuff, organize the cleaning (a fair portion of which I've done), and organize it all on the way back into the rooms and closets from whence they came. Hey, darlin' -- thanks a lot!

A commenter left a link on her post about The Story of Stuff, and I want to second that recommendation: www.storyofstuff.com.

There's other "stuff" I'd like to write about, but today is Five Year Old's birthday -- now I'll call him Six Year Old! His birthday party is tomorrow, and we grownups need some sleep. We'll probably have to stay indoors, with the second day of a bunch of big storms that shut down the Richmond San Rafael Bridge for hours today and I believe even the Golden Gate Bridge briefly. Nature's forces are not to be underestimated.

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Robin M. said...

Honey, I couldn't do it without you. You, and liberal applications of chocolate. Orally, as often as needed.

But seriously, we have much less stuff today than we did this time last month. Even with the Christmas and birthday influx. The whole place just feels better.

Next project: our closet!