Celebration, and a head nod to Martin

Today I bumped over the 10,000-visits level for my blog. It's a little behind Robin and Peggy and Wess (who have all posted about reaching milestones on their own blogs), but I'm happy with it.

Quaker Quaker Dot OrgThanks for the linky-love, Martin Kelley! Not just for the posting to QuakerQuaker today, but also for including my photo on the new QQ layout.

Proud to be a humble Quaker with the "right" books on the shelf... Is there a smiley face or emoticon for "Ugh!"? :)


Martin Kelley said...

Yea, well you know I thought it was a nice set of books--Faith & Practice in Spanish, the Bible, that distinctive Brian Drayton cover for those of us who've read it. Enjoy the QQ fame while it lasts--I've actually had the half-crazy idea to do a new banner every month, maybe coinciding somehow with a theme (oops, don't want to leak too much (we really should all reopen the wacky ideas about QQ we've had)). Well, safe travels, hope it all goes well with your mother.

Robin M. said...

And if you're really in the know, or maybe just if you've looked at the actual shelf as well as the photo, you can see Samuel Bownas' book in between Drayton and the 4 different versions of Faith & Practice.

Martin - themes might be interesting. New contributors might be interesting. What else do you have up your sleeve? A little wacky can make a big difference.

Chris M. said...

Of course, you can see the bottom of "Wrestling with Our Faith Tradition" by Lloyd Lee Wilson at the edge of the cropped photo, too. For that Conservative Friends angel!

Chris M. said...

Angle! I meant "angle"!!

cubbie said...