Quotes from Wm. Braithwaite

I finally finished William Braithwaite's The Beginnings of Quakerism to 1660, originally published in 1912. (See Simon's thoughts at Light and Silence.)

I liked this section near the end of The Beginnings, page 510 (1955 edition):
The illuminating and educational value of silent meetings lay in the high spiritual results that attended such processes of reflection and meditation, when the issues of right and wrong were weighed in the balance of the sanctuary. Where there was warm fellowship and an earnest seeking after truth, the meetings, alike in their silence and utterance, were times of refreshment and vision, in which Friends had rich communion with one another and with God. But the vacant and the indolent mind needed more of teaching minisry than was commonly found in them….

     Fox, as we have seen, as early as 1656, warned Friends to “take heed of slothfulness and sleeping in your meetings, for in so doing ye will be bad examples to others and hurt yourselves and them….”

     The right holding of meetings was an object of unceasing concern on the part of the leaders. We find much advice as to a worldly spirit and as to the dangers that arise from jangling and judging, and there is a good deal of caution against speaking out of the life.

Ah, yes, be aware of the dangers that arise form jangling and judging; I must keep this in mind while reading blogs!

Lord, when I speak or write, may it be in the Life and Power of Love and Truth. When I read, may my eyes seek the meaning behind the words, and read with love and openheartedness. May I be a good example, rooting out the indolence and vacancy in my own life before correcting others. And may I confine my blog reading to a healthy maintenance level and not that of an addiction!

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