Qwitters or Qweeters?

I've been using Twitter for work for some time now (@hlc_sanmateo). However, I have not used it personally, and so I haven't followed many Quakers who Tweet.

(That phrase just begs the question: Are Quakers on Twitter "Qwitters" or "Qweeters"?

(Or just your "Qweeps"?)

Until now.

Sparked by the imminent arrival of Quaker Heritage Day with Wess Daniels (@cwdaniels) this Saturday, 2/12, I decided to start a personal Twitter account and follow other Quakers. I'm @chrismsf, naturally.

My first tweet was actually a retweet of Wess's suggestion to use the hashtag #QHD2011 to follow Quaker Heritage Day on Twitter.

Back in the old days, in 2007, I organized the QuakerQuaker Blog Carnival (remember blog carnivals? does anyone still have them any more?).

Now, given today's social media environment, I'm thinking we need a Qwestival -- a Twestival for Quakers, naturally. If you're not that ambitious, you could just have a QweetUp -- a Quaker meetup.

Until then, you can find Qwitters or Qweeters through the QuakerQuaker list at @quakerquaker/quakers.


Martin Kelley said...

Glad to see you on ze olde Twittysphere. Hey, let's do another blog carnival. Or even think about resurrecting some of those old ideas about monthly themes.

RantWoman said...

I think Qweeps should definitely have Qwestival-type meetups at gatherings and if we want to be REALLY au courant, we can use our Twitter names as our nametags!

Unknown said...

I like the carnival idea too. a few years ago we did "convergent october" and last year was "plain novemeber" why not just keep it up? We already have two months planned out. And December could be reflections on Christmas?

Extra points if your meeting does something that ties into the carnival theme! ;-p