Clerk of the Eternal Meeting

Today at San Francisco Meeting, a Friend gave ministry about his sense of growing up spiritually. He has the sense that God the Father wants his children to move from simple obedience to being co-workers. The idea of being God's co-workers was from Wilmer Cooper, quoted by Wess Daniels at yesterday's Quaker Heritage Day (pdf) at Berkeley Friends Church.

Further, this Friend imagined God as the Clerk of the Eternal Meeting. We are in that Meeting, working to find unity together with God. Occasionally, God may even defer to us, to let us try something ourselves.

I love this image, this new office, for God.

Off and on for the rest of meeting, I meditated on a new wording of the prayer taught by Jesus that this sparked for me: "As it is in the eternal meeting, so may it be in the earthly meeting."


RantWoman said...

When I read the title, I confess, my first thoughts rant to things on the earthly plane that go on rather longer than one expects.

Yesterday was our Business Meeting and important matters got attention, but sometimes in realms Quaker that can take awhile. So your title made me smile, though Friend speaks my mind about the message that comes with it.

Unknown said...

I love this. It's a great image!