Gratitude for Grace

As I wrote in a 2008 post about another family mealtime grace, "Our family usually has mealtime grace at dinner. Each member of the family gets a turn to choose how to pray: silence, sing a song from a prescribed list, or speak a prayer. (Six Year Old [now 9] sometimes chooses laughter, but that's another story.)"

Yesterday evening at dinner, I noticed that we hadn't had our usual family grace. I decided not to say anything, but to wait and see what happened.

Midway through the meal, Twelve Year Old said, "We didn't have grace. It's Nine Year Old's turn."

Who promptly chose a moment of silence, concluded by quietly saying, "Amen."

I am grateful that this practice is sticking!

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RantWoman said...

Back in my Presbyterian / Protestant childhood, the norm in our household was some kind of spoken grace. I think we children were more or less expected to take turns. One time The First Quaker I Ever Knew, someone who taught in the same music faculty as my dad, came to dinner. When my father said "Would someone please say grace?" she said "Grace!"