Thoughts on the Quaker Way

The test of Quakerism does not come only on Sundays.

The test of Quakerism is not even or not only what you believe.

The test of Quakerism lies in keeping that faith and trust all week long.

When you encounter someone in trouble on the street.

When you face competitive or hurtful behavior at work.

When you see self-destructive behavior in friends or family.

How do you respond?

Can you tap into that lifespring of living energy

that we find here in waiting worship?


Alice Y. said...

Thanks Chris

Mary Elizabeth Bullock-Rest said...

You put your finger smack dab on the crux of the matter, not just for Quakers, but for adherents of any religious path. We must look at ourselves in the square of the eye and ask, "Does the spiritual encounter translate into loving, courageous behavior? If not, why not?"