Bloggers at the 2008 FGC Gathering

I'm currently grabbing a few minutes of wifi at the Friends General Conference 2008 Gathering. Attention bloggers: Liz, Robin & I are planning to announce a dinner get-together of Quaker bloggers on Tuesday night in the student union dining hall. Not sure which corner yet -- see the daily bulletin.

I've met the following bloggers so far here:

- Robin M.
- Liz Opp
- Jeanne Burns
- Peterson Toscano
- Rebecca Sullivan
- Linda
- Staśa Morgan-Appel*
- Paul L.
- Eileen Flanagan*
- Brent Bill*
- Timothy Travis
- Carl Magruder
- Zach Alexander*
- Karen Street
- Kody
(* = met for the first time)

Please leave me a comment if I've forgotten you, or if you're here and our paths haven't crossed yet.

Robin and Peterson are leading workshops. Robin, Liz, Jeanne, Staśa, and Eileen are leading interest groups. Brent read from his book Sacred Compass today at the FGC QuakerBooks bookstore. Paul and Linda and I sang Sacred Harp this afternoon.

Linda is in the same workshop I am, namely "Chant." My one complaint about the workshop is that the Pitt store is not open this weekend, so I can't buy more tissues. Based on my experience today, I'm going to need a lot more.

Updated 6/30, and 7/4: Bloggers I've seen but haven't talked to:
- Claire

Added the fact that Jeanne had an interest group on Quakers and social class. I heard good reports about it.


Zach Alexander said...

I'm not coming for a few more days, but hopefully I can meet you and several of the aforementioned...


Chris M. said...

Thanks for commenting, Zach. I saw your name on the interest group about "conversation between theist and nontheist Friends." Hope to see you around!

Imperfect Serenity said...

Thanks so much for posting this and the picture, Chris. Just so you know, I think you left the "the" out of Liz's URL, which I'm sure she'll forgive you for because I was incredibly impressed that you even managed to blog during Gathering.

Hope the trip goes well.