Carrie Newcomer in Berkeley 3/30/08

Carrie Newcomer is a Quaker singer-songwriter from Indiana. She's been performing for years. I don't know a lot of her songs. Lisa of Rooted and Grounded in Love introduced me to a couple of her songs, including "Bare to the Bone," which I really like a lot.

Carrie will be doing a show on 3/30 at the Freight and Salvage in Berkeley. I've never been there, but I've heard numerous shows announced there on KALW-FM's Saturday folk music line-up over the last 13 years, so I'm excited to go. We just left a message for the babysitter tonight. (Let's hope she can do it!)

Oh, and I'm writing this now because Carrie's manager emailed me today in my role as clerk of S.F. meeting. I would have written something eventually, though perhaps after the fact. Anyway, that was really smart marketing on his part, so I'm going to just reproduce part of his message here:
"One of Carrie's songs ("Be True") has recently been included on a compilation CD ("Out of the Extraordinary") benefitting ELCA clergy who have lost their jobs after coming out as gay, lesbian, or bisexual.... She will be donating 10% of the proceeds from the tour sales of her new album to the American Friends Service Committee.... Carrie's performance at Freight and Salvage in Berkeley on March 30th at 8:00 p.m. may be of particular interest to your members. I hope you might help us publicize the performance so that San Francisco-area Friends can attend Carrie's show. If you feel your community would enjoy hearing about this performance, we would love to be included in your weekly bulletin, newsletter, or announcement board. Below you will find a link to a PDF flyer for the upcoming show... (with) free music download information for those unfamiliar with Carrie's music. For more information about Carrie Newcomer, please visit: www.carrienewcomer.com."
Here's the aforementioned flyer. If you're in the Bay Area that weekend, maybe you could join us.

Why not make a day of it? It will be the fifth Sunday of the month, so San Francisco Meeting will hold its now-customary extended meeting for worship from 9:30 am to noon earlier that day. Please join us for that, too!

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Willa said...

Thanks, Chris, for this blog about Carrie Newcomer! Let's hope your babysitter will come through for you, as there is no doubt you and your wife will LOVE this concert! Yes, I'm a big fan of Carrie's, but I don't know how anyone can hear her music or attend a live concert and fail to become a big fan! Be sure to pick up a copy of The Geography of Light (it is extraordinary from the first cut to the last!) and, if you can, stay and meet Carrie after the show. She is one of the warmest, most gracious, funny, down to earth people I've ever met onstage or off. Meeting her will top off your evening perfectly!

You're doing your friends a favor by spreading the word. She is simply not to be missed!

Willa Shaffer