What I learned this weekend

Compassion is a muscle.

You need to use it. You need to exercise it often, so it can grow big and strong.

When your compassion is big and strong, it can come through clearly. Unobstructed.

This is what I learned this weekend from John Calvi, Quaker healer and teacher. He was leading a workshop called "Abandon All Weariness..." at Ben Lomond Quaker Center. Our Friend Blake was there from SF Meeting also. I see from John's website that Blake designed it!

To minimize time away from my family, I didn't drive down to Quaker Center on Friday night until after the boys went to bed, so I missed the introductory session. This way, I was there on Saturday in time for breakfast. Then I drove home Saturday evening around 9:30. Given that it was a full day of massage, walking, and socializing, ending with an evening of face and foot massage, it was a challenge to rev up to the driving task. I made it safely.

It was worth it, though. Around 7:00 this morning, Five Year Old appeared at our bedside, and he patted my shoulder and said happily, "Daddyyyy!" I was really glad to be back right then.

Anyway, that's the tangent. The main point: Compassion is a muscle. Use it often, and exercise it, so it will grow big and strong.

Clear. Unobstructed.

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kwattles said...

Thanks, Chris. I read this post about a week ago and it really spoke to my condition. I "knew" it conceptually, but I wasn't practicing it so well in (recent) relations with others.

The early Friends used the word 'tender' a lot about those who were compassionate. E.g., G. Fox about his first meeting Elizabeth Hooten.