A Living Faith -- in 1990 and 2007

Okay, so I survived Housing Leadership Day VI (230 people registered, we counted 211 noses, definitely our biggest turnout yet). I flew to New Jersey a week later. My mom was transferred out of the hospital a few hours after I got there. I spent nine or ten hours a day with her the next eight days. Then I flew home to my family on Saturday evening. It took 14 hours of travel. It didn't help that the SF Bay was fogged in. Same fog that resulted in the ship crashing into the Bay Bridge and spilling its fuel. Alas!

I looked at my bloglines today and noticed I had 1,961 unread posts. (Reminds me of Robin's post "1,401 posts to go".) Fortunately for my sanity, a significant chunk of those are from newspaper feeds, which I will forgo reading.

I brought along Wilmer Cooper's A Living Faith (Friends United Press, 1990), which I enjoyed reading in reverse, from the last chapter forward. I started that way because I was more interested in Chapter 11, "Quaker Assessment and Future Prospects" than Chapter 1, "A Short History."

Tonight I was reading Chapter 4, "Quaker Understanding of Christ," which ends with a discussion of whether or not Quakers need to be Christians. I found the conclusion particularly to be food for thought:

So the debate goes on and shows no signs of being resolved. Yet the Society of Friends has moved into a new day, and its survival may well depend on a rediscovery of its identity within the context of its own history, coupled with an effort to interpret that identity in a relevant way to a constantly changing world.

Hm, sounds a bit like trends within the convergent Friends conversation... At least that's my take on it.


Martin Kelley said...

Hi Chris: sure, Cooper's been a big influence on all this. His willingness to live in different Quaker worlds and interpret them to one another has been invaluable.

Hope all's a little better with you mother, have been thinking of you (and of my own aging mother!).

Tania said...

What this, and my own post similar to this one, tells me is that convergence is poised to become a major movement in the RSOF, if it's not already. And that this movement is also Spirit-led.

Anonymous said...

@Martin: Thanks for the notice and kind words. I'm sorry I didn't manage to call -- same time zone, different area code. Just didn't have much time or energy left once the day was over and the siblings and wife had all been updated by phone.

@Tania: Thanks for the head's up, I looked briefly at the post and will re-read again in more detail soon.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the post (and link) Chris - I agree Cooper's been a big influence on my thinking as well. And I can't help but say amen! To the quote you posted. I think it's exciting to see that these thoughts have been around awhile too - I agree with tatiana that it's the Spirit.