Mash Note 6/11/07

(The following post contains sentimental, and heartfelt, personal statements. Click elsewhere if that's not your cup of tea. Otherwise, join the celebration!)

On 6/11/1994, Robin M. and I were wed at 15th Street Meetinghouse after the manner of Friends. Rich Accetta-Evans explained the basics of Friends' meeting for worship for the guests, especially since neither Robin nor I are from Quaker families. We spoke our vows to each other, and a Unitarian minister, George Robinson, made it official. And then we had a blessed hour of worship. In the words of Denise Sherman, it was "beamy."

Our Friend Kate Connell sang a set piece from the Incredible String Band's "A Very Cellular Song":
May the long time sun shine upon you
All love surround you
And the pure light within you
Guide you all the way on.

Today I was listening to The Flatlanders and heard this song. While there are better songs, it's a nice one that captured how I was feeling today after a hard day at work. I offer it here to Robin as a public confession of my appreciation and love for her:

It might not mean much to you babe
But it means the world to me
Just a simple touch of your hand
Tells me what love can be

In moments like this, when you are near me
And I can see so far
What ever you say what ever you seem
I love you for all you are

All you see
All you feel
All you are

Somewhere between your heart and mine
Windows open wide
They let the light in with songs in the wind
That send me to your side

Whenever I find you, I'm lost no longer
Wandering so far
Where ever I go what ever I do
I love you for all you are

All you see
All you feel
All you are

Happy anniversary!


Johan Maurer said...

Wow, a mash made in heaven.

Chris M. said...

@johan: I've been trying to come up with a pun to mash yours, and I just couldn't.

Thanks for commenting! :)
-- Chris M.

anj said...

Thanks for this morning cup of tea, which is quite to my taste. I love to hear/read of how love unites, and to experience, even vicariously, my first Friends wedding. And how pleasant to see a name I can put a face too in the midst of your writings - beamy indeed. Happy belated anniversary. How I would love to have a real cup of tea with the both of you!