Hurray for things!

Hurray for intervisitation among Friends: A big shoutout to The New Young Elder, who stayed at our house on her way to see old friends and get to a summer gig. It was great to see how both Nine Year Old and Five Year Old responded to her, how eager they were to tell her about things that were important to them at that moment. She was blown away by how talkative Five Year Old was, because in the large gatherings where she usually sees him, he often clams up and sticks pretty close to Daddy or Mommy.

It was so nice to feel a part of the fabric of the Quaker community, sharing news from across the country, having a sense of this young woman who grew up immersed among Friends coming into her own as a leader. And ready to bring my sons along with her.

Hurray for libraries: Got a bunch of CDs at the local branch (*try the new "street view" in Google Maps and you'll see it there). Been listening over and over to Moby's Hotel. I missed it when it came out. The John Prine CD in the player right now just got stuck -- ah, the peril of libraries!

Just read from the library:
   » Gary Wills, What Jesus Meant
   » Walter Mosley, Life Out of Context
   » I am also listening to the book-on-cd of Reading Judas: The Gospel of Judas and the Shaping of Christianity by Elaine Pagels and Karen King. Interesting so far after two chapters.

Hooray for the Internet: Just printed from the Pendle Hill website, and which I hope to read this weekend: Obstacles to Mystical Experience, by Scott Crom (Pendle Hill Pamphlet #132, 1963). I started it at our meeting's retreat late last month and didn't get very far.

Oh, and I thought these were interesting pieces from Common Dreams:
» America the progressive
» Bush pushes Iraq oil law for US companies

Hurrah Hurrah Hooray!
Well, gotta go! See you on Firstday at QuakerMart: The Unprogrammed MegaMeeting.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Chris--Good to catch up on your FGC experiences tonight... I'm reading Reading Judas too, sort of backwards: the translated text itself first in the back half of the book, and now into Karen King's comments. Haven't gotten to the Pagels half (front) yet. We'll talk about it sometime perhaps if I don't put it down in favor of something else and fail to finish.