It's Saturday, and I thank you for coming to the QQ Carnival

It's Saturday morning and the children are reading "Baby Blues" together.

Robin M. is at Redwood Forest Monthly Meeting's retreat, where she and Darcy Stanley are helping them wrestle with "spiritual hospitality."

We have electricity (this was not true for about 45 minutes last night), and a stereo, and thanks to the Peninsula Library System, a CD by Natacha Atlas is playing on it.

The posts have still been coming in to the QuakerQuaker blog carnival. If you haven't checked back in a while, you might want to do so, as a few more posts have been added. Thank you to the 22 or so people who have posted, and to the many readers. Plus Joe G. came out of retirement to leave a comment -- woohoo!
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I went to two different fundraising events this past week, and both of them celebrated the Housing Endowment And Regional Trust, the HEART of San Mateo County, and so I didn't have to say a thing! We even got an award at one of the two events. Makes me feel better getting ready for our own event on May 14, part of Affordable Housing Week 2007. The theme:
Home Is: Family | Opportunity | Community. Comcast is giving us a public service announcement on local cable (ironic since we not only don't have cable, we don't have a TV). Look out, I might upload it to YouTube...

Life is good! At least at the M. household. We are blessed.
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The condition of the wider world is still in question, however. Oh, Lord, have mercy on all of us... between the ongoing war in Iraq, the low-intensity conflict going on in the streets of San Francisco and other U.S. cities, and the California Legislature's proposal to spend $7.3 Billion to build 53,000 new prison and jail beds in the state. Friends Committee on Legislation calculates that to be $283,018.87 per bed. Oh, Lord, have mercy! Marana tha!

Some people will be spelling out the word "impeach" on Ocean Beach in San Francisco today... a repeat of an action in January. There's apparently a whole series of actions planned: http://www.a28.org/. I'm skeptical, but then, the extent of my activism in this area right now is to put a ticker about the costs of war in the sidebar of my blog. Oh, well. May I at least be faithful in the work that I have been given to do...


Linda said...

"May I at least be faithful in the work that I have been given to do..."
A fine prayer, indeed.

Chris M. said...

Linda: Thanks. So, that just leaves the task of discerning what one's vocation in fact is... No small task, that.

Nancy A said...
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Nancy A said...

Sorry - the URL came out funny, so am trying again:

Here's the image of the impeach demonstration: http://www.sfgate.com/c/pictures/
2007/01/07/ba_impeach_ho1.jpg. Or just google "ocean beach impeach" on google images.

Kind of a neat demonstration. Has a bit of creativity.

Chris M. said...

Nancy: Here's a very different take, from comedian Mark Day:
Impeach the Beach.

I've enjoyed his comedic rants on YouTube...

-- Chris M.