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I first read the New Testament in its entirety when I took Elaine Pagels' class on early Christianity. I've read all her popular books since. She's been promoting her new book on the Judas Gospel in a few places, such as "Fresh Air" with Terry Gross, alongside another scholar from Harvard.

Today she was interviewed in the "Finding My Religion" on SFGate.com, the website of the San Francisco Chronicle: Elaine Pagels on how Gospel of Judas sheds new light on dawn of Christianity.

Quaker Books of FGC catalogues usually feature more titles on Gnostic Christianity than more traditional flavors. Learning about the Gnostics -- through a novel by Robertson Davies -- was actually what led me to the explorations that brought me back to the Bible, to Pagels' class, and eventually to Friends. I hope these non-canonical texts can open up new ways into the canon for others, as they did for me. If I ever write my spiritual autobiography, this will be a big focus.
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Today, Slow Food; tomorrow, Slow Gaming?
Hasbro is now making games that match frenzied life pace of today's American middle class -- and the shorter attention spans that go with it. "A game like [Disney Monopoly], it could literally take you days," says one parent, a self-professed cheater at Candyland. (Busy lives prompt speedier games.)

Well, I have to confess, I didn't much like Candyland as a kid and find it mindnumbing as an adult, so I thoroughly understand the temptation to cheat. Speed-gaming, though, leaves me cold.
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Oh, and that story reminds me, our meeting will be moving to a 40-minute meeting for worship soon. People just can't sit still that long! (April fools!)
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Speaking of April Fools Day, Eight Year Old was eager to celebrate it. He and Five Year Old had even practiced a week ahead of time with pillows on top of their bedroom door.

So, on Saturday night, I heard someone in my room, and figured one of the boys needed something. (This was while Robin was away.) Looking around, no one was there, so I went back to sleep.

Then at 2 am I heard a beeping sound. Eight Year Old's alarm clock was going off on my bed. First, I was confused, then realized the date was April 1, and just got angry. It took me half an hour to go back to sleep. Didn't help that I could hear the teenagers in the apartment upstairs talking. Meanwhile, I meditated on what might be a suitable punishment or loss of privileges.

Fortunately, that evening I had read anj's post new beginnings. "Teach me the way of mercy." Yes, Lord, teach me the way of mercy. So I had a chat with Eight Year Old the next morning, explaining quietly how confused and then angry I had felt, and how mean I thought that trick had been. I think he was shocked to realize what it was like from my perspective. It helped that I didn't raise my voice, just stayed calm. He promised to try to do better next time. Does that make me an enabler, or did I put him in touch with his Inner Guide? Lord have mercy on me, teach my son and me your Way, of truth and mercy and love.

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