Quaker Bus and Train Co.

It's time for Friends to form the Quaker Bus and Train Co.

This idea is inspired by Lisa H.'s mention of Green Tortoise bus as an alternative to Amtrak or Greyhound.

We'll drive around in biodiesel fueled, comfortable, plain and even rather Spartan vehicles, highlighting the net carbon neutrality of the fuel...

We can have big billboards on the side, evangelizing both about meeting for worship AND right sharing of world resources, war is not the answer, and the like.

It will have a large foot-shaped hood ornament, symbolizing our ecological footprint.

Trains will have to be an afterthought, for the next generation. The cost of the infrastructure is just too darn high. Bus rapid transit is a more efficient investment for short-haul trips, anyway.

Let's save the world -- one bus at a time!


Contemplative Scholar said...

Brilliant idea!

Anonymous said...

We now have a biodiesel-serving gas station twenty minutes from us: the bus can come by here!

Robin M. said...

I'm sure it's not too soon to start to organize the Green Quaker Bus to River Falls, Wisconsin!