Introducing QUIB

Today I am proposing a new acronym to be added to the Quaker alphabet soup:

Quakers United in Blogging: QUIB!

Come one, come all ye faithful bloggers, do!

No doubt some snarky observers may wish to rename it as the Society for Quakers United in Blogging, SQUIB, in honor of non-magical people born to magical parents in the Harry Potter books.

When we are moved to include Podcasters, we shall become SQUIB-Pod.

Some day of course we will have to consider merging with Quakers United in Publishing. I will not pretend to know what the acronym of that organization should be. :)

* * *

On a more serious note, I believe bloggers may be eligible/welcome to join QUIP. Martin Kelley has participated in QUIP and you can find his book, The Quaker Ranter Reader at the QUIP book and media center.

Of course, you can also buy Martin's book through his blog or Quaker Books of FGC. I bought my copy from the FGC Gathering bookstore while Martin was there and had him autograph it. Thanks, Martin!


Anonymous said...

Ha!!! So the question is: who's going to make the buttons?

Martin Kelley said...

I think QUIP's gonna have to sue you sorry imitators! We'll run you into the ground! You'll be sorry you ever logged onto blogspot!

Seriously, there is some overlap between QUIP and blogging though not as much as there might be--it's still pretty focused on producing and distributing books. The only major QUIP publisher to really go wild online is Barclay Press. The annual meetings tend to bounce around the England and the the major American Quaker population centers (Oregon, Indiana, Pennslvania/New England, North Carolina). Next April it's back to England.