Queries for Year of Discernment

Excerpted from a handout at Pacific Yearly Meeting Representative Committee, 3/5/2006:

Ministry and Oversight of Pacific Yearly Meeting invites all committees and meetings to engage with us this year in a yearlong discernment process. The purpose of the process is to examine our Yearly Meeting and to discern whether or not PYM is doing work that is essential, work that leads us back to Spirit and to our Center….

Here are advices and queries to consider:

1. How do we live our lives from the center so that all things take their rightful place?
Many of our lives have become so chaotic with so many demands that it’s difficult to discern what to do and whaat to lay down. Our spiritual life sometimes seems to be just as chaotic as the rest of our lives, as we sit on multiple committees and try to balance Monthly, Quarterly, and Yearly Meeting responsibilities. … Consider whether we or others choose our priorities, or does living in the Spirit focus our lives?

2. What is essential for us to live our lives as Friends?
[This had a second part, “What structure do we need for support?” However, I think we convinced M&O to put that at the end, either after the year of discernment, or at least as the last part of the process of discernment.]

3. What role can play in helping Monthly Meetings support members and attenders to live their lives from their center and help support and build vital Monthly Meetings?
…How might PYM be more of a resource to Monthly Meetings?

4. How can we hold our annual session so that it helps us find the center and discern the Spirit’s will / Truth amongst us?
As we try to do [many things at the annual session], let’s remember that we need to find a way for Truth to enter into our gathering. … Faith and Practice says, “The annual gathering provides an opportunity for all present to support one another in seeking Divine Guidance and strnegthening the bonds that unite them.” Has that been your experience?

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