On the bedside table now

Here's what's on my bedside table now. Looks like I need to simplify and reshelve some of these!

> Douglas Gwyn, Seekers Found: Just finished it today! Great background on the Seekers and early Quakers. Hope to post about it soon.

> Douglas Gwyn, The Covenant Crucified: Early Quakers and the Rise of Capitalism: Amazing. A classic. I read it once, want to read it again.

> Oxford Study Bible (Revised English Version): This is my everyday Bible.

> King James Version, paperback. This week I just downloaded the KJV to my PalmPilot from the Olive Tree! I want to revel in the language for a time.

> Walk Worthy of Your Calling, edited by Peggy Senger Parsons and Margery Post Abbott: Robin read it first, now it's my turn.

> Wrestling with Our Faith Tradition, Lloyd Lee Wilson: Devoured it once, want to re-read. My, I'm ambitious...

> Before Business Begins: Notes for Friends Meeting Recording Clerks and Recorders, William Braasch Wilson (New England Yearly Meeting): I'm so sloppy. Three years as recording clerk, I've had this booklet for half a year or more, and I still haven't read it. Okay, skimmed it. Sigh.

> Readings on Quaker Pedagogy: Philosophy & Practice in Friends Education by Irene McHenry, Jane Fremon, Nancy Starmer, J. Harry Hammond (Friends Council on Education): I was just invited to be a parent trustee on the SF Friends School board. Guess I'd better read this! I've had it for months.

> The Religious Potential of the Child: Experiencing Scripture and Liturgy with Young Children, Sofia Cavaletti: Explaining the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd. A similar approach is known as "godly play" but googling that phrase brings up a heckuva lot of for-sale product.

> E.F. Schumacher, Small is Beautiful: I bought the anniversary edition at Pacific Yearly Meeting in 8/2004, read most of it, but never quiiiite finished it. Time to reshelve!

> Leave the Office Earlier, Laura Stack: Very dusty. Had some good points. Time to reshelve!

> Love Poems to God: Was a gift 18 mos. ago -- dusty -- Time. To. Reshelve. (Lather, rinse, repeat?)

> Printouts of blogposts by LizOpp on Lost Traditions and by Public Quaker Alice on What are Quakers for?

> Finally, the January/February 1990 issue of Evangelical Friend: Because it has a teaser on the cover, Are potlucks Quaker sacraments?

Minor change, 3/26/06: Added Walk Worthy of Your Calling

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truevyne said...

don't put away The Religious Potential of the Child...it's a fabulous read.