Friday freeway furloughs

Here in California, because of the disastrous state budget, the state government and many cities are furloughing staff on one, two, or even all Fridays a month.

What if we had a Friday freeway furlough, too?

To save money on repaving asphalt, repouring concrete, replacing road signs, and repainting lane striping. To save money on gas and carbon and particulate matter released into the air. To save lives and the cost of emergency response.

I know, I know, if you aren't furloughed on Fridays and depend on driving to your job, it wouldn't be practical.

It's an interesting thought experiment, though, isn't it?


Dharma Kelleher said...

That it is.

Johan Maurer said...

Yesterday Moscow (with its infamous traffic jams) observed a "Day Without Automobiles." Although most drivers ignored the day, I was fascinated to see the parade of politicians on the evening news who used public transit or bicycles yesterday. In the case of one ministry, there were no cars in the parking lot during the day ... but in the evening lots of black luxury cars came to pick up their owners, whom the TV reporter couldn't see through the tinted windows. Still, it was great to see public transit and bicycles acknowledged by so many public people as something that "normal" people can do.

Of course many people in Russia already know that. Public transportation is everywhere (in the Moscow region and other large built-up areas) and is well used. We can take a bus to Moscow every half hour or more right from our own street on the southwestern edge of Elektrostal.