Quaker meetings I have attended

I was trying to learn about customizing maps on Google Maps today, so I experimented by creating this map:

Quaker Meetings I have attended

Locations are in three colors: blue for meetings or Friends Churches, yellow for Friends General Conference Gathering, and green for Pacific Yearly Meeting annual sessions.

I'm definitely a coastal Quaker!

Updated 4/29/09: fixed hyperlink


Martin Kelley said...

Something's not working with the link?

Chris M. said...

Thanks, Martin. I had a dash instead of an equals sign in the link.

Robin M. said...

I want to do one of these! Is there a way I can copy your list to start with? Since ours would overlap a lot?

Chris M. said...

Robin: The way I did it, you would have to enter the address of each meeting individually using the "my maps" feature of Google Maps. Anything more systematized is beyond my pay grade.