You can take the Quakers out of the S.F. Bay Area...

but you can't take the San Francisco Bay Area out of the Quakers.

Here's a photo of Robin and our older son at a peace vigil in Rochester, N.Y., which appeared to be sponsored by the downtown Episcopal church.


Jeanne said...

Lovely. I've enjoyed reading about your trip home, especially the post about Las Vegas, and imagining the Six Year Old playing with your lobster claw. I mean hand.

I WANT to know how to post pictures. I'm trying but they look horrible in preview. I can't get them to look like yours, with nice little boxes around them, with the text nicely wrapping around the pics. Bleh. Can you help? Pleeeeze?

:-) Jeanne

Chris M. said...

Thank you, Jeanne.

As for the photos, I take them at a medium-high resolution, about 500 KB of memory. Then I upload them with "Medium" resolution through the Blogger interface. Blogger creates the thumbnail-sized version for me. That's about it.

Have you tried publishing a post with a photo to see if it looks any better than the Preview?