Blogger dinner at FGC Gathering 2008

Quaker Blogger Dinner at FGC Gathering 7/1/2008

So the wifi wasn't working yesterday and I haven't had a chance to get online. Here's a quick list of people who made it to the dinner:

Liz Opp

Linda S.

Jeanne Burns

Robin Mohr

Chris Mohr

Paul L.

Timothy Travis

Steve Chase – welltrainedactivist.blogspot.com

Eileen Flanagan

Bill Warters – creducation.org / campus-adr.net

Micah Bales – Lamb’s War plus new “Valiant for the Truth”

Peterson Toscano

Glen Relief (sp?) – Quaker writer, not a blogger (yet)

Tom Davis – lurker

The participants requested follow up information on:
· how to post your blogposts to your Facebook account
links to educators who write about class and race – ways to present without divulging too much information


Liz Opp said...

Nice pics, Chris. And I think Glen's last name is Retief, not Relief.

Liz Opp, The Good Raised Up

kwicker said...


I wanted to come join ya'll for dinner, but was overwhelmed by the crush of people there (wow!) and the need to find my high schoolers and check in with them before meeting my wife. I would have liked meeting more of the people whose comments I've been reading on the 'net.

But this picture reveals that Steve from my workshop is also a blogger, which I didn't know. And I got to meet Liz, Robin and yourself (and your wonderful kids). Robin's workshop is still moving through me in some pretty deep ways; I don't think I'll know the full effects right away.


Jeanne said...

THANK YOU so much for posting the list and the pics! I should post Liz's pics (because she sure won't).

'Twas lovely to see you and your family at Gathering.

:-) Jeanne