Field report from Ploughshares Farm

I talked to Robin tonight, and they had 11 people for their convergent Friends dinner at Brent and Nancy Bill's place, Ploughshares Farm. She said they included Friends from meetings affiliated with Friends United Meeting and Friends General Conference, as well as Conservative and unaffiliated yearly meetings.

She was pleased to meet Brent and Nancy, and to buy Brent's new book, Sacred Compass.

She said she needed to write down some thoughts from the dinner as well as from the weekend meeting of the Friends World Committee for Consultation - Section of the Americas. Which is why she was in Indiana in the first place. You'll be seeing firsthand reports on her blog soon.
- - - - - -
Yesterday the boys and I hiked in Sweeney Ridge (this links to a photo of the fog line on the trail -- fortunately, there was no actual fog), and today we went to the children's playground in Golden Gate Park. Rough life!

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