6th anniversary of Peace Vigil in S.F.

From MarkleyM:

Please help us observe the sixth anniversary of the vigil. From noon to 1:00 this Thursday we will be on the corner of Larkin Street and Golden Gate Avenue at the old San Francisco federal building. To observe the anniversary AFSC's Cost of the Iraq War banners will return and we will also have seven new signs and a new leaflet.

Here is a photo from last Thursday.
While we vigiled the Blue Angels streaked by, as they do every year, filling the air with ear-piercing shrieks. One man on the sidewalk shook his fist. Another said, "At least they're not dropping bombs," and a woman left the vigil because she couldn't bear the sound and what it stands for. But mostly people stared at the sky. A line from an old Pete Seeger song came to me, "When will we ever learn? When will we ever learn?"

And as you can see the mystery landscaping continues. The chain link fences were still with us but now in fancy dress - green-black covers providing a somber background for our vigil. I wonder what these covers are there to hide.

I hope you can be with us for the anniversary. And every Thursday.

In peace, Markley

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