CodePink at SF Vigil

Last week some members of Code Pink Women for Peace, including co-founder Medea Benjamin, came to the vigil for peace and justice sponsored by San Francisco Monthly Meeting, AFSC Pacific Mountain Region, Episcopal Peace Fellowship and Buddhist Peace Fellowship. That's Medea in the middle of the photo, taken by my friend Markley.

Markley has been one of the steadfast supporters of the vigil since it began in October 2001. I asked him for his permission to use the photo, and he granted it. He also forwarded the following announcement about tomorrow's vigil:
Join CODEPINK Fasters outside of Speaker Pelosi's Office!

Thursday August 23rd at 12:00pm
450 Golden Gate Avenue, San Francisco

Join the fasters as they participate in the weekly Quaker vigil outside of the San Francisco Federal Building at 12:00pm.

Afterward, CODEPINK fasters will host a gathering and Die-In at the doors of the San Francisco Federal Building. Bring a white or pink sheet and join the Die-in. Following the brief program, bear witness and support the fasters who are willing to commit civil disobedience.

The fasters will be on their 11th day, they've been holding an encampment outside of Senator Feinstein and Speaker Pelosi's homes in Pacific Heights to request the Senator and Speaker meet with them during the August Congressional recess. Senator Feinstein held a brief visit with the fasters yet Pelosi has not -- a request to hold a public Town Hall meeting for constituents was denied by the Speaker as well as a meeting with the fasters and San Francisco peace community.

We urge you to support the on-going fast and tell Speaker Pelosi to meet with her constituents and the peace community, here's how to support:
  • Contact Speaker Pelosi's office: (415) 556-4862
  • Join the Vigil and Die-In on Thursday August 23rd at 12 noon at the San Francisco Federal Building.
  • Support the on-going Congressional recess fast, take a day to fast either at home or in a public place between August 27th - September 3rd. Email pelosiwatch@globalexchange.org to let us know which day you'll be fasting.
  • Participate in the encampment by signing up here
  • To read or listen about the CODEPINK Fasters click here or here.
In Peace,

Becky, Charles, Frank, Janine, Jody, Medea, Mike, Nancy, Pam, Paul, Susan & Toby
CODEPINK Fasters & Campers for Peace

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