Quaker bloggers at FGC Gathering

Here is a more complete list of Quaker bloggers I talked to at the FGC Gathering:
  • Claire R: That God

  • Erin: Quaker Scholar

  • James Riemermann: Nontheist Friends

  • Grampa Joe (I'm not sure how public he is about his blog; I haven't even seen it yet. Robin told me about it when we rode the bus with him from the airport to River Falls)

  • Karen Street: A Musing Environment

  • Kody: Unwavering Bands of Light (actually more active on livejournal)

  • Laura: The Potential of Yarn

  • Linda: Boundless Stores of Grace

  • Liz Opp: The Good Raised Up

  • Lovin' Life Liz: Lovin' Life Liz

  • Paul L.: Showers of Blessings

  • Peterson Toscano: A Musing

  • Robin M.: What Canst Thou Say?

  • Russ Nelson: Russ Nelson

  • Suzy: Luminiferous Ether

  • Timothy Travis: One Quaker Take

  • and me, Chris M.: Tables, Chairs and Oaken Chests

Okay, I didn't really talk to Russ, but I did play in the multigenerational game of "capture the flag" that he organized, so he talked to me in a group. That counts, right?

If there's anyone I missed, I'll try to add an update... I know there are other bloggers who were there but I didn't necessarily talk to them.

I'll try to update my sidebar with the links. They should all be there soon.

[Update, 7/14/07] LizOpp correctly pointed out that Carl was there, and I certainly talked to him, so I'm adding him to the list:
  • Carl Magruder: Confessions of an Earth Quaker

  • His blog had dropped out of my bloglines and he hadn't been writing that much lately, but he's got a couple of good posts there now.


    Liz Opp said...

    Carl Magruder was there, from Confessions of an EarthQuaker. I didn't talk with him, but he was offering a workshop, "EarthQuakers Unbound!" I think it was called.

    Liz Opp, The Good Raised Up

    Liz Opp said...

    I also remembered that Pam from Reaching for the Light was at Gathering as a part-time attender. I mostly saw her at the noon sings and at one or two plenaries. ...Maybe you didn't see her or speak with her, though.

    Blessings (again),
    Liz Opp, The Good Raised Up

    Suzy said...

    Thanks for the acknowledgment. I liked meeting other bloggers and have been trying to visit some of the blogs. Another Madison/Quaker blogger who was at Gathering, but unable to join you all that evening was Chuck Schobert, who blogs at poodledoc.blogspot.com.

    Chris M. said...

    @Liz: Thanks, I've updated my list to include Carl M. Alas, I didn't get a chance to meet Pam.

    @Suzy: It was great to meet you and the other bloggers, too. It makes a difference to meet face to face. I didn't meet Chuck, though.

    Linda said...

    Hi Chris,
    Thanks for posting the list. It's nice to know about the bloggers lurking among us. I'm wondering if you have the link for Laura's The potential of yarn. I couldn't find it on eblogger.

    Anonymous said...

    I happened upon a photo of "Quaker bloggers" at FGC and also read some Q-bloggers, blogs about things that went on at various small groups. Though there was discretion (no mention of names),there were disturbing things put on the web that should never be put up for all the world to see. One especially troubling blog was about a person who had tried to walk out of a small, worshipful event at FGC, but got persuaded to stay. I won't repeat the details.

    I will steer clear of any discussion or worship-sharing group that has a "Quaker Blogger" present. I'd feel more comfortable being hounded by Paparozzi (See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paparazzi ) At least they don't take notes at events that bring out people's heartfelt yearnings toward the Divine, or their private inward wrestlings, and then feel at liberty to make whatever was said or done a Quaker event an occasion for public speculation and musings on a Worldwide Web forum.

    This is no way to let our lives speak to the world, especially without the express consent of the individuals who come to worship-sharing at a gathering like FGC for personal, spiritual discernment. It is such a tender thing between one person and God. It is a privelege for Friends gathered in small worship-sharing groups to abide with one another in that tender place, which must be safe from voyeurs looking for material to sustain their blogs. It is a privelege to witness whatever Friends find in common worship together. What is said and done should be honored as privileged information. Please, you have with your blogging, made worship-sharing a risky event. Friends should not have to worry about what they said or did at a Quaker gathering ending up on the Internet, whether you name names or not. How can any Friend/Blogger feel entitled to take such license? Or be at ease doing such a profane thing with a worshipful occasion?