Housing Thoughts, a Preview, and Baseball Game Fame

I survived Affordable Housing Week AND the board meeting I staffed on Monday AND another one on Wednesday. Whew. It feels as if the week is finally over and I can relax. A little.

Do read Nancy's comment on my last post: is the problem with housing, or with the expectation that each (small) nuclear family will have an abode?

We went to Quarterly Meeting last weekend. It was Robin's last session as clerk of children's program. I thought she did a great job, and the State of Our Meetings report she brought to plenary on Sunday was the heart of the session for me. I do hope to blog about it unless Robin says all the good bits first.

I also read the 1983 pamphlet "Practicing the Gospel of Hope in the Nuclear Age" by Dan Seeger. I've already typed excerpts and copied them into a draft post. There's some really great, thoughtful material.

I'm looking forward to our meeting retreat at Quaker Center this weekend. cubbie is the assistant registrar: yay! I'm bringing a variety of gear because I want us to make our own Quaker t-shirts! I bought the iron-on inkjet paper at an office supply store today. I suppose I should buy a stash of organic cotton t-shirts but who knows if that will happen.

Baseball Game Fame:
Oh, and in case that all wasn't enough the last ten days, last night we went to see the Giants beat the Astros. We went with a group of about 200 people from the Friends School. Nine Year Old was chosen as one of a group of students to sing "Take Me Out to the Ballpark" on camera during the seventh inning stretch! Two people recognized Nine Year Old from the big screen, one on the ramp down and one on the Muni train back toward home, and said, "Hey, you were singing tonight!"

Here is a video taken by another parent: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8iYJKRXYYTA.

Nine Year Old is on the left, in the striped shirt -- which he had on inside out. I don't know if anyone else noticed. I loved seeing how much he enjoyed the moment.

He also did three "magic" tricks at family night during Quarterly. As one Friend said, "Hey, this is how they get comfortable standing up in front of everyone here. That's leadership development." Amen!

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anj said...

Oh that is awesome! I enjoyed the video.