Phoning it in: Convergent dinner in Boston 'burbs

Robin said they had about 20 people at the "convergent" Friends dinner at Will T.'s home. After dinner they considered two of the queries from the workshop that Robin et al did at FWCC over the weekend. She said it was rich and good conversation. Though sorry to have missed it, I had a really rich and rewarding weekend with our two boys. So, I'll just bask in a wee bit of Robin's reflected glory (probably not a good term to use lightly in this context, but so be it).

Amanda has already written a brief note about the dinner over here.
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Today in meeting for worship a Friend reminded us to keep our hearts clear and open in our relationships. And then another Friend quoted Numbers 6:4, the King James Version in his mellifluous English barrister's voice. I just blogged that passage on Friday!
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I have some serious discernment to do in relation to our monthly meeting. One Friend in our meeting pointed out that Brian Drayton, during Quaker Heritage Day, said that sometimes we don't get guidance about a way forward; we may just have to listen for whether or not we have a stop to doing something. I am trying to determine that now for myself.

These last few evenings I've been sleepy by this time, and not really in great shape for discernment of these things. It's well-earned weariness, though, playing and eating and worshiping with the boys, and our friends and Friends.
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The "site meter" at the bottom of my blog tracks referrals from elsewhere. For a few months now I've had a couple of referrals a week from Google searches for variations of "children mealtime grace" (my post on that topic is #2 there), songs for mealtime grace, and even one "Quaker hand squeezing prayer" (where my post is -- woohoo -- #1).

My recent favorite, though, was having a post show up as #10 on a search for "flapjacks"! Now that strikes me as hilarious. Fortunately for the world of internet search, it was a time-specific search in Feb. 2007; I only rate #30 when you just do a plain-vanilla search for "flapjacks." Whew! That's more like it. Now I can sleep peacefully.

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