Unexpectedly Finding God on the way to History of Myth

As mentioned in a recent post, I read Karen Armstrong's truly Short History of Myth.

More in a moment. But first, there's this from SFGate.com's "Finding My Religion" column:

How San Francisco writer, activist and lifelong atheist Sara Miles unexpectedly found God


"Now I'll ask you for the answer to the question, 'Why would any thinking person become a Christian now?' "

"I'm not going to give the answer for why anybody else should be a Christian, but I will say why I became a Christian. I believe the story of Christianity is true. It is true beyond facts and literalism, and it's true beyond logic. As a journalist, it was surprising for me to use a different set of tools -- the eyes of faith -- to understand the world. Belief turned out to be the least important part of faith. For me, the most interesting part of faith has been doubt, not knowing, being willing to look at the universe with a different perspective....

Later she talks about her work with a food pantry at her church, St. Gregory of Nyssa Episcopal Church, a truly only-in-SF kind of place:

"Most of the hungry people in San Francisco statistically turn out to be women and their kids. And most of the people that we feed at the pantry are working people or the elderly. That's because the housing costs are so insane that it takes two full-time minimum-wage jobs to pay the rent on a one-bedroom apartment, and you don't have enough left over for food."

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