Offensive or Amusing?

You decide:

Of course, you'll want to see how much your blog is valued at. My wife's is worth five times as much!

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Anonymous said...

Well, I truly don't understand the point of Blogshares. I looked the rules over and the whole thing seemed pretty unnecessary.

When I've cruised Technorati, I've noticed that most Friends blogs seem to hover in the same small range, well under 50 other sites linking to them. (My own is 'way down there.)

Ours is not nearly the same game as the high-ranked sites play, nor should it be. We're talking to our own, and our own are a rather unusual crowd. To some extent, in fact, we're simply holding up a flag on a hill while the people of the world fight and die on all sides of us.

The worth of this is not measurable now. It may prove, at eternity's end, to have been very great or very small, but in either case, it's not measurable now.