Los Angeles Blogger Convergence

So I finally scanned a photo of the bloggers who were at the surprise Los Angeles gathering of the Convergent Friends Choir. (The surprise was, of course, that unprogrammed and evangelical Friends could sing so well together, not that we were getting together for fellowship and dinner!)

Quaker bloggers at the convergent Friends gathering in Los Angeles, 8th Month 2006
Bloggers in attendance included (from left) Chris M., Chris Frazier, Robin M., Wess Daniels, Kody, Emily Daniels, Joe "Beppepodcast" Guada


Robin M. said...

I think only Kody looks chic though.

Chris M. said...

Joe -- I thought you'd never ask! Of course you can!!

Robin -- Yeah, true, and I'm the only one wearing a sticker from Pacific Yearly Meeting saying, "It takes a meeting [to raise a Quaker] -- I volunteered!"

Chris M. said...

Oh, I also discovered Wess Daniels posted a photo of (nearly) all the grownups who were present, plus two of the children, on his Flickr page. It's here.

Lisa H said...

I'm not at all surprised about programmed and unprogrammed Friends singing well together. I notice there were a lot of serious singers there; could it be that a love of singing correlates with the desire (and the courage) to bring people together?

I attended the Western Gathering of Friends in 1987 at the prompting of an old college choir buddy from Whitter First Friends Church. Southwest Yearly Meeting didn't have quite the quorum they wanted for leading songs during their presentation, so they co-opted me and another PYM Friend to join them. That's how I learned "I the Lord of Sea and Sky" (#260 in the FGC hymnal), which I have since thought of as "the programmed Friends song."

Chris M. said...

Thanks for being part of our Choir that day, Lisa!

-- Chris M.

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