Recent readings

Some of what I've read so far in 2006:

> The Powers That Be, by Walter Wink: The booklength summary version of his groundbreaking trilogy on the Domination System, known as "The Powers." I hope to blog about this.
> Seekers Found: Atonement in Early Quaker Experience, by Douglas Gwyn. Excellent survey of the Seeker milieu out of which Quakers arose. I typed up a bunch of passages and hope to post them.
> Amazing Grace: A Lexicon of Faith, by Kathleen Norris: I've been listening to this in the car; it's wonderful. It's just soooo inspiring.
> The Jesus Mysteries: Was the original Jesus a pagan god? by Timothy Freke and Peter Gandy
> A Bible atlas, probably by Reader's Digest (from the library)
> The Trial of Socrates by I. F. Stone
> Race Manners: Navigating the Minefield between Black and White Americas, by Bruce Jacobs
> Robert Griswold, Creeds and Quakers: What's Belief Got to Do with It? (Pendle Hill Pamphlet 377)
> Bury the Chains, Adam Hochschild: Highly recommended book about the British abolitionist movement. Many Friends were involved.

Borrowed from library, didn't read:
> The Myth of Jesus, Andrew Greeley
> Christian Yoga by a French Benedictine

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