Tables, Chairs and Oaken Chests

Greetings, Friends!

Chris M. here, joining the ranks of the Quaker faithful who have inspired so much interesting discussion in the blogosphere. I'm fortunate that Martin Kelley: The Quaker Ranter picked this week to reflect on Quaker blogs, since it's both a great place to publicize one's own blog and because he was the one who really inspired me to get started.

I’ve been reading Quaker blogs for about six months or so. I’ve been meaning to start my own for some time now, but I barely have time to keep up with the existing ones let alone write my own. So from time to time I leave a litter of comments posted around on other people’s blogs without much follow up. Meanwhile, my mental list of “things I could blog about” keeps growing.

The way in which I was led to these Quakerblogs -- yes, Friends, "led" -- is an interesting story in itself, but I'll save that for another time. I'll just brag that I was the one who showed Robin M. the Quaker blogs, and then there was no looking back for either of us!

I figure I'll use this space to:

  • expand on ideas I've found in other blogs;
  • explore my experiential and intellectual journey along what I would consider a Christian path, though whether others would consider it that way is open to question;
  • further consideration of stuff that I may have mulled over in meeting for worship and which may or may not have risen to the level of vocal ministry;
  • teaching Firstday School;
  • maybe some favorite books and musicians, as way opens; and
  • whatever else I manage to post in between advocating for affordable housing in the nation's most expensive county, participating in monthly, quarterly and yearly meetings, and being father to two young boys and husband to a certain Quaker blogger.

In peace and friendship,

Chris M.


Martin Kelley said...

Hey Chris,
Cool, I've alerted the nation! Hey, can you turn on your RSS so I can listen in better? There must be some Blogger switch to do that somewhere...
Your Friend,

Chris M. said...

Beppe: Thanks! And thanks for letting Robin know other people like Dead Can Dance, too! :)

Martin: Marvelous, thank you! I think I turned on the switch that lets the feed happen. I'm still learning. (Some day I wanna use Word Press but then I'd have to use a real host, wouldn't I?)

Aj Schwanz said...

Thanks to Martin I'm in the know: hurrah! So, if Robin M. blogs the occassional pie recipe, what do you have up your sleave?

Liz Opp said...

Here's a question I've been wanting to ask for a long time:

Are the "M."s in Robin M. and Chris M. related? Or is it coincidental?

On a different note: I'm always curious about how Friends' leadings to start a blog emerge; and how we Quaker bloggers are held accountable to those leadings, if at all.

I'm looking forward to reading more of you, as Way opens.

Liz, The Good Raised Up

Anonymous said...

Chris M. and Robin M. are married, quite happily I might add, since 1994.

However, I think no one was more surprised than Chris M. when I decided I wanted to share a last name after we were married. It is important to me that I share a last name with my children as well.