Notes from Quaker Heritage Day

Quaker Heritage Day was held at Berkeley Friends Church, 3/3/2007. Here are a few of the notes I wrote down that day.

Max Hansen, pastor:
Christianity today is seen as a shackle to the mind. Yet John Woolman, for example, one of the most liberated minds ever, had the power of the Lord over his mind. That was the source of the freedom. Brian Drayton is that way, too.

Brian Drayton: Introductory Remarks
The world needs what Friends long to do: Follow the spirit of Christ faithfully. We need to school each other into greater faithfulness in our witness.

The world doesn’t need our activism. It could use it, but others do that, too. The world needs our testimonies to our present teacher, Christ, dwelling among us, helping us to be transformed and show evidence of it.

It is not a matter of principle, it is a matter of specific daily practice. We need to readopt the term “Children of the Light” and renew our Society. Vocal ministry is a necessary gift to that end, not the only one.

Consider how a plant body is modular, parts can be broken off and pieces can self-replicate. However, an animal body is integrated and can’t just be broken apart that way. Similarly, we are parts of one body, the church.
- - -
Here's a photo of 8 Year Old linked to Max Hansen's blog:

Studious 8 Year Old photo by Max Hansen

And here's one of Five Year Old with one of our hosts for dinner:

Toe Munching Monster by Max Hansen Red-Eyed Toe-Munching Monster


Liz Opp said...

I love this quote: "We need to school each other into greater faithfulness in our witness."

Will there be more notes and/or more of your reflections coming? I hope so.

Liz Opp, The Good Raised Up

Chris M. said...


I'm glad you liked it. I have more notes (my hand almost fell off with writing, after all ;) (at least that's what Wess said). I haven't had time or energy to type them up yet, what with Robin going to R.I. and all...